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Solvent-free, odourless synthetic resin dispersion-based primer. Very low emission. can be diluted 1:1 to 1:3 with water. (Please confirm any dilution with Murexin technical dept)

For pre-treatment of absorbent substrates such as cement screeds, bare concrete coverings and cementitious levelling compounds. For dry anhydrite screeds only. Suitable for underfloor heating systems and castor wheel loads.

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Adhesion-enhancing, solvent-free, single-component, ready-to-use, quick-drying primer based on special dispersion. A non-slip surface is achieved after drying.

For preparing absorbent and non-absorbent substrates indoors and protected outdoor areas, also for old substrates in renovation area. Before filling with Murexin filling and levelling compounds. Specially suited for tile laying and filling of fixed stone or tiled floors.

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High-quality, particularity fine dispersion for absorbent substrates with excellent depth penetration, solvent-free according to TRGS 610.

Indoors and protected outdoor areas for priming heavily absorbent cement screeds, before preparing with Murexin levelling compounds. As a primer on anhydrite and gypsum screeds when laying permeable coverings. As primer for cement and anhydrite screeds before gluing parquet with all Murexin MS-K adhesives and solvent-based synthetic resin adhesives.

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Adhesion-enhancing, single-component, ready-to-use, solvent-free primer based on special dispersion. After observing the drying times a slightly tacky surface is achieved, which is ready for laying immediately.

For preparing absorbent and non-absorbent substrates indoors and protected outdoor areas. As plaster primer suitable for absorbent, mineral substrates like cement, anhydrite and magnesite screeds (also for underfloor heating systems). Before parquet adhesion with all Murexin MSP and PUR adhesives which are free of migrating components. As bonding bridge for subsequent tile laying work as well as coatings with all Murexin levelling compounds on tiles, terazzo, solid adhesive and water-resistant adhesive residues, epoxid resin coatings, moisture barriers base don epoxid resin and MSP (free from migrating components), wooden substrates, metal, as well as well sanded or shot-blasted mastic asphalt.

Not suitable on PUR pre-coatings and unsanded as well as on OSB boards treated with Conti-Finish.

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High-quality, water and solvent-free, undercoat ready for processing, based on polyurethane with accelerated drying.

Indoors for priming of normal to heavily bsorbent and sanded screeds before adhesion with PU and MS adhesives as well as (sanded off) with tile adhesives and levelling compounds. Suitable for underfloor heating systems and castor wheel loads. Also for blocking increased residual moisture up to max. 95 RH % in cement screeds without underfloor heating systems.

Use on underfloor heating system after consultation with application engineering.

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