Murexin was established in 1931 in Austria and is now recognised as a global leader in flooring adhesives, compounds and screeds, to name but three. The company has won many awards and continues to expand with over 400 employees in Austria and over 6,000 globally.

Murexin has a bright future too, as its already vast product range expands.

There are over 3000 products available and this new website for Murexin-UK will give you a taster of these high quality products available for building professionals.

The company is proud of its heritage as it had the Austrian coat of arms bestowed upon it:

“Full of pride and with a sense of responsibility MUREXIN GmbH in its role as an internationally active company has borne the Austrian national coat of arms for decades now on several markets. The national coat of arms of the Republic of Austria stands for the highest quality and reliability, just as our company does. We take this distinction to be an incentive for building up our competence and innovational strength on both national and international markets.”

Mag. Bernhard Mucherl, Chairman of the Board

The MUREXIN brand stands for high quality and user friendly products in the fields of adherence, tiling, coating, sealing, cementing and foundation technology along with painting and insulation.
The MUREXIN GmbH stands for reliability. Regardless of whether in its relationship to customers and partners or in the quality of the products, delivery reliability or flexibility, the company‘s motto holds true: MUREXIN. Das hält. MUREXIN. Stands firm.
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