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Powdery, food-safe, water and frost-proof, super-smooth, high-strength and flexible grout with pearling effect. Simple processing and further processing is possible without time delay through the simple application of the filler in the joint and an similarly quick application, especially for non-absorbent material. Moreover, the low water consumption of the highly abrasion-resistant grout reliably prevents the formation of patches.

Indoors and outdoors for grouting up to 7 mm joint width. For water and dirt-repellent grouting. Suitable for ceramic tiles, boards, mosaic as well as natural stone and fine stoneware. For underfloor heating system as well as for wet rooms. In wall and floor areas as well as for terraces and balconies.

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Powdery, food-safe, water- and frost-free, coloured, fine, hydraulically setting grout with top hygienic formula. The unique, highly tempered recipe leads to rapid and even tightening of tile and joint.
Indoors and outdoors on wall and floor surfaces for a quick setting grouting of joint widths from 1 – 15 mm. High edge adhesion is achieved through the high quality plastic components. Especially suited for the grouting of fine stoneware and natural stone.

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Joint Mortar EPOXY FMY 90

Food-safe, waterproof, frost-proof, solvent-free, bacteriostatic, temperature, resistant to ageing and chemicals, 2-component grout based on epoxy resin.
Grouting of ceramic tiles, panels and mosaics in interior and exterior wall and floor areas. Especially suitable for use with aggressive waters, plant-based or animal fats and chemicals, as well as in drinking water containers. The Epoxy FMY 90 grout is also suitable for adhesion and levelling.

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