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Stress-relieving decoupling and impact sound reducing board for ceramic tiles and natural stone, as well as for parquet and multi-layered parquet especially for problem substrates indoors.
The Unitop decoupling board is a very low emission laying material (according to GEV), breakproof and rot- resistant. Can be used as decoupling and impact sound reducing board on wall and floor surfaces under various surfacing materials (ceramic tiles and natural stone, parquet as well as multi-layered parquet) for loads of up to 5 kN/m2. For ceramic tiles and natural stone with a material thickness of less than 10 mm as well as for any surfacing formats of less than 10 x 10 cm smoothing with a fibre-reinforced filler (min. 3 mm layer thickness) is required.

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Heat-insulating, waterproof, fire-resistant, frostproof, vapour diffusive, non-rotting carrier plate with high compressive strength made from extruded rigid polystyrene foam with textile glass mesh reinforced special mortar coating. The Murexin Uni Panel contains no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), HCFCs or HFCs and also no HBCDs.

Inside and outside to dress wall and floor areas in dry and wet locations, to dress bath walls, drainpipes and shower trays, for the design of built-in washbasins, shelves, steps, water containers, etc. to erect separating walls in showers, WC facilities, to cover wooden floors as well as wooden stand constructions. To dress facades and pedestals as well as for special constructions.

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System solutions that can do more.

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