Holding strong.
With system solutions that can do more.


What you can count on with MUREXIN: first on agreements.

If there still is such a thing as handshake quality, then it is here with us. Murexin is part of the international Schmid Industries Holding group and consists of more than 110 companies, employs around 6,000 people, and generates about 2 billion in revenue. Murexin has always been committed to stability and efficiency. Together with our partners and customers, we want to build something that we can rely upon. A foundation that rests on the strictest environmental standards and product innovations. At Murexin, we are distinguished not only by our products, but also the many services that we offer our customers and partners. Our most important quality plays a key role: reliability.

Be it the quality of our products, the unique delivery dependability, or flexibility in quickly responding to enquiries.


From levelling compounds to bonding solutions and sealants: Murexin bonding technology offers a comprehensive interior finishing range. High-quality products are available for parquet, carpet, PVC, wallpapers, linoleum, rubber or cork, all of which take account of the trend towards solutions that protect the environment. Whether for renovation or a new building, solid advice and high-quality products make Murexin the ideal partner in this area as well.



Whether for bonding systems, tiling systems, coating systems, sealing systems, screed and mortar systems, or colour and coating systems. With products that are process-friendly and ecologically harmless whenever possible. Because: MUREXIN. Holding strong.


System solutions that can do more.

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